How 2015-16 truffle season has gone in Spain?

Teruel truffle market 15-16 season

Last 2015 summer was extremely hot plus a heavy dought during winter time. In Barcelona the driest winter since 2014! So season has been bad. In Catalonia really bad and in other areas like Castellon or Teruel could say a medium season. Several growers could water during winter so truffles already formed on the ground did not dry up.

i.e the main spanish market, “La Estación” at Mora de Rubielos in Teruel marketed over 20 tons of black truffle. In the graphic you can see the prices and kilos sold per week. This data is estimated by the Teruel Truffle Growers Association, as there is not a real auction, after talking with the main growers and traders.

We came from 2 quite good truffle seasons, but with low prices, so some growers even they had lower yields, earn more money this year.

It is always hard to know the exact amount of truffles produced in Spain, but if we think that 2/3 of the truffle comes from Teruel area, this last season 2015-16 has produced 35-45 Tons. Around 10 tons less than last year, and 20 tons less than 2 years ago.

In Catalonia truffle production has been around 25% from last year with lower quality truffles although prices were more than double from 2014-15 season.

Buyers say that wild truffles as they came from a dry soil had less mud (some wild truffle hunters attached mud to the truffles to weight more :-)) and lose less weight once washed.

Carpentras truffle market €carpentras truffle market kilos

If we check french graphics from Carpentras market in Provance, we see how volumes are quite lower than previous years. Season even ended some weeks earlier and prices paid at harvester were double than last year.


Marcos S. Morcillo



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