Truffle farming products and services

Check our products services  and much more for truffle farming at

3 Responses to Truffle farming products and services

  1. Nikolay Angelov says:

    Can information about the truffle flies and beetle species that hang around truffles? Nowhere do I find pictures and information about them? I know red bugs / beetles and some blue beetles, if you some more information about them?

  2. Dear Nikolay,
    here a link of the lecture Pérez-Addueza professor made in the last conference about truffle pests:

    He wrote as well the chapter about Suillia and Leiodes for our new book on truffle farming that will be published early next year.
    all the best,

  3. lesley says:

    I find your information facinating and very easy to understand. Iam at present looking into truffle farming for some investors who wish to do this in Tarragona province. I know where I can find all the information and help they…and I will need. Please keep up the excellent work.

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