Truffle farming products and services

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4 Responses to Truffle farming products and services

  1. Nikolay Angelov says:

    Can information about the truffle flies and beetle species that hang around truffles? Nowhere do I find pictures and information about them? I know red bugs / beetles and some blue beetles, if you some more information about them?

  2. Dear Nikolay,
    here a link of the lecture Pérez-Addueza professor made in the last conference about truffle pests:

    Click to access session_3_7_perez-andueza_tuber2013.pdf

    He wrote as well the chapter about Suillia and Leiodes for our new book on truffle farming that will be published early next year.
    all the best,

  3. lesley says:

    I find your information facinating and very easy to understand. Iam at present looking into truffle farming for some investors who wish to do this in Tarragona province. I know where I can find all the information and help they…and I will need. Please keep up the excellent work.

  4. Józsa András says:

    Dear Marcos,

    I’m from Hungary and I produce T. aestivum/uncinatum in my truffiere and plants for my own use. I would like to ask the using of your product Truf-up in my business.

    Thank you:

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