Our New Truf-Up Spanish Wells Substrate

Truf-up spanish wells product to boost truffles

During the last decade we’ve been running at Micofora several Research and Development projects. Some of their results and conclusions have been posted in this blog. Three of these projects have been:

a) Isolation of bacterias from highly productive truffieres

b) Assays to develop a truffle farming fertilizer

c) Response of truffle mycelium of different doses of spores and time of inoculation for the spanish wells 

All these plus the results of an old project to develop a technology to inoculate mature hazels trees with truffles have led to finally develop two commercial products:

  • Truf-Up Spanish Wells Substrate

    ,with an specific formula to add in form of wells or ditches around the truffle trees, so we improve truffle shape, so you get more round fruit bodies, better soil structure, tree fertility, enhance truffle mycelium concentration, plus add the “male factor” to boost truffle fruiting.

  • Truf-Up Bioestimulant

    with specific bacteria strains and other active compounds to increase truffle mycelium in soil and improve tree fitness.

Truf-Up micofora truffle products

These products are now being released in Spain and Europe and will be soon available for truffle growers overseas.

Any doubt about them write us at micologiaforestal@micofora.com


Marcos S. Morcillo




About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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2 Responses to Our New Truf-Up Spanish Wells Substrate

  1. Peter Stahle says:

    Hi Marcos, I be happy to try out your products in Australian conditions. Send out a few bags and I’ll give you a report:) Happy New Year I hope your truffle tours are working well. Beware of Andres:) Count the cutlery:)


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