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How the 2017-18 season of black truffle has been in Spain and France?

  It’s been more than a month since we officially finished the black truffle season in Spain in March 15th. Again it has been the worst I remember, like last year. The figure makes the typical picture, with low prices … Continue reading

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How 2015-16 truffle season has gone in Spain?

Last 2015 summer was extremely hot plus a heavy dought during winter time. In Barcelona the driest winter since 2014! So season has been bad. In Catalonia really bad and in other areas like Castellon or Teruel could say a … Continue reading

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Black truffle prices in Spain and France

A few weeks ago, before the start of the black truffle season, it seemed that it was going to be a great season, but now that we have been harvesting for two weeks, it is not that good. Probably due … Continue reading

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How to avoid confusing Tuber brumale with T. melanosporum?

Tuber brumale, the winter truffle, is protected in Spain by the same regional regulations that apply to the black truffle, with a gathering season that runs from 15 November to 15 March (in some areas it begins on 1 December). … Continue reading

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Truffle prices drop at the end of season

This year it has been perculiar for so many things, but again a new surprise has happened as the end of this season comes. Because ordinary would be that as we approach the end of season truffle price rises, but … Continue reading

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