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CEO of Micología Forestal & Aplicada, a private center who does research on truffles since 1989. My background is scientific but I’ve been planting truffle orchards and managing them from 1995. I will discuss about new researches on truffles and I’ll try to digest and transform all new technical data from scientific papers into tools that any farmer can use to improve their truffle crops.

I’ve been writing on truffle farming in micofora’s blog since 2008, but it was in spanish, my second native language apart from catalan. But as I’m working on truffle farming in many countries and truffle business is growing world wide, I decided to write this one in english.

Of course any other topics on truffles will be wellcome.

Hope you enjoy it!

All the best,

Marcos Morcillo

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13 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Jouni Issakainen says:

    Dear Marcos,
    I just heard about your activity from a friend of mine and soon studied a lot of your net documents and a part of the videos with great interest! This is to thank you for all your valuable and innovative contributions you have shared in the net! I had not heard previously about your technology to infect mature trees, for instance. I will keep it firmly in mind and consider whether we could be in touch later in the future, if the time is mature for that, around my projects.
    I am a seasoned mycologist (born 1956) having touched the field from many aspects although I would like to be better in many respects, since this is a very wide field as you know.
    For a couple of years, I have been innovating and promoting low tech culturing of indigenous edible wood-decomposing mushrooms in Finland. My goals are much similar to yours, develop new mycology-based economic possibilities as side income for farmers, for instance. In 2012, I have formally started such a small project in SW Finland getting also some local farmers within, to do small scale experiements. Since our focus is in saprotrophic ones and we deal with northern climates, our focuses differ a bit, but who knows whether something mutually interesting will appear in years to come.
    Best wishes for your highly appreciated endeavours!
    Jouni Issakainen (Mr.), PhD, Biologist
    Turku, Finland

    • Dear Jouni,
      Thanks for your comments!
      Some of the mushrooms (Lactarius, Boletus) and truffles (uncinatum, borchii) may happen in your country.
      I heard that in Finland the owner of the forest is not the owner of the mushrooms that fruits on it? Is that right? In this case it would be hard to find economic support to take these projects further on…
      All the best, and Happy New Year

  2. Karin lüer says:

    a very good and interesting blog-good on you
    Karin Lüer, Mainz, Germany

  3. Ken Suzuki says:

    Hi Marcos! Thank you for publishing all the great things of the truffle world. I really like your insight and your expertise. Great Work!


  4. Pat Martin says:

    Marcos – great blog … very helpful as was our wonderful visit with you. I’ll keep following your posts! Cheers, Pat

  5. Dear Marcos. As a first-timer, I just wanted to say how helpful I found the blog. Much appreciate your sharing of expertise. I greatly look forward to following your posts. Best wishes from South-western Australia.

  6. Dear Marcos
    I have read your blog with wonder, this is a fascinating subject I found through my interest in nature, also dogs too, mans best friends 🙂
    I am moving to the Ebro valley region soon hopefully, I hope to grow as many types of fruit and veg that I can, but have heard a great deal about the foraging that the locals do when things are in season and can’t wait to learn more about this too.
    I will be following your blog with interest, all the very best sir.

  7. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks for your site Marcos

  8. Mark Fruin says:

    Dear Marcos,

    We met two years ago at the Oregon Truffle Festival. I was the older white haired guy who joked about coming to spend my Summer vacation with you in Spain. I just at the point where I’m ordering trees, planning tree planting strategies, setting up irrigation, and preparing the land. I would very much like to get a copy of your new book. Why not make your book available via Amazon? That would speed its distribution in North America and lower the costs of doing so.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I’d still like to come and work with you in Spain.


    Mark Fruin, Ph.D.

  9. Lynley says:

    Hi I’m from Perth Australia and trying to find accommodation on a trufferie. I have my own orchard and want to stay and hang out to learn more. Can you put me in touch with anyone?



  10. Is there a way to become an apprentice? I am very interested in the field. I have no land and only theoretical knowledge about aspect of growing fungi. I made research in the internet and found you as an entrepreneur. I hope all goes well there and i hope to hear back from u. Thanks!

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