How 2021/22 black truffle season has been in Spain?

In the figure above you can see the wholesale prices for Tuber melanosporum in the Teruel market, that was around 300€/kg, a little bit better than the 200€/kg paid last year due to the Covid lockdown and lack of demand.

The prices given are only indicative. Normally the prices correspond to truffles of more than 20g in weight and without physical defects, with a degree of maturation according to the time of the season. There are always batches of truffles that will sell above and below those prices depending on their quality.

It has been the best season for the last 5-10 years in Spain! some data suggest around 100Tonnes but after chatting with some large traders, the whole harvest could have been between 130-150 Tonnes.

Several new areas have just boosted, with lots of new young plantations with irrigation started to fruit.

Fruit bodies did not mature until January. Maybe lack of cold? because it was not a lack of water. Luckily for some traders the market prioritizes shape and weights over aroma, for instance, first class between 20-40g, instead of receiving orders like 5kg of maximum aroma, but maybe this will change in the coming future.

In general, over 40% of the truffle has been able to be sold in fresh. It was hard to get good quality though, mainly because of the Leiodes beetle, that was a huge problem this season.  Truffle traders complain that after buying 3 tonnes in a single week, they could barely provide truffle to restaurants, just being able to sell in fresh 20-30% of the truffles some of the weeks.

We did not had this season any large snow storms not Filomena cold temperatures like last year that froze huge amounts of truffles so quality was highly reduced.

In Spain, we just had a huge heat wave in mid June 2022 that should have affected the coming season, specially orchards with no irrigation and wild truffle. Mind wild truffle is still around 10% of the harvest in some areas, for instance in Catalonia, that we produced just 3 tonnes last season at the farms.

The news we are receiving from Australia, New Zealand and Chile looks promising, most say the best season ever in production.

All the best from Barcelona!

Marcos Morcillo


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CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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