I´ve been out the last year…

Hi all there!

lots of growers have approached me the last months asking why I don´t post anymore and I realized I unattended my blog without even noticing.

The reason is that I took a sabbatical year to do a trip around the world with my family. That simple 😉 and it has been a total disconnection, even social networks, as I did not even take my mobile phone to this journey. It´s been a terrific experience I do recommend anyone.

I returned with all bateries charged, as a truffleholic missing my team, my trees, my farm and my truffles and looking forward new truffle adventures.

During this trip it was schedulled to be visiting several growers in new Zealand and lecture at the annual meeting there, but Covid cancelled most plans. Hope to be able to meet my kiwi friends/growers sooner than later.

Fortunately we got trapped in French Polinesia (I know, so hard….), where we have been the last half year and just returned home safely in Barcelona.

I hope all of you are OK during this pandemic. Luckely I have been living in free Covid areas until now. Hope we can manage with all projects we have overseas, although face to face visits will have to wait.

I love writing this blog. I have been doing that for so many years. Enjoyed sharing our experiences, research, receiving your feedback (we are a huge community: it is amazing that this blog receives almost 40.000 visists annually) but honestly the last years we are getting more and more busy and it is hard to get time to sit and write, plus other social networks (twitter…) are faster, immediate, so I´m not sure I will be able to take care of it as I used to.

Anyway, we´ll find ways to stay connected, plus I can´t help sharing about my passion.

Stay safe!

Marcos Morcillo


About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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6 Responses to I´ve been out the last year…

  1. josepf says:

    Ben tornat Marcos!

  2. javier rozas says:

    Saludos de Chile estimado Marcos. Contento que estés de regreso y con un especial espíritu para contribuir al desarrollo del cultivo de trufas en diferentes partes del mundo.

  3. Matjaz says:

    Hello, Marcos,
    it’s great to hear from you again. I’m looking forward to your blogs. I hope you will have time to write ;).


  4. Welcome home,
    Missed your posts so really looking forward to you posting again.

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