How 2017 black truffle season has gone in the Southern Hemisphere?

truffle growing countries in the South Hemisphere


The Australian harvest has been quite impressive, even the driest winter in some areas and warmest in early winter, but it looks truffles were not affected and growers are watering well. Feedback from growers was extremely good across the country with lots of reports of people doubling their production this year.

Growers conservatively estimate production for the season to be more than 20 tones.  This a impressive compared to the 13 tones from last year.  This high production has not been without problems, growers complain about getting smaller truffles than previous seasons and particularly with dumping of truffles at low prices by provedores in both Australia and overseas.  
I think I already post a link to this french report on prices on truffles, with australian prices imports, just in case here is again:ésentation%20Commerce%20extérieur%20au%2010052017.pdf

West Australians expect an additional 20 – 40 tonnes will be produced in Australia within 5-10 years. This is what Spain produces in a good year!

Thanks for the updates to some growers from the

Here a link of the Wine and Truffle Co newsletter with some interesting articles about the last season


There are over 60 truffle growers, 30 of them into the Chilean Truffle Growers association. Over 600 hectares planted.
The estimate production for the season has been 500kilos in total. 300kg has been exported to USA and Brasil mainly and 200kg sold on domestic market or used for inoculum.
The Growers association thinks next year production may double and in 5 years chilean production may raise up to 5-7 tons.
Truffles harvested with plenty of aroma, good quality in general.
A nice article in this link:




There is a 50 hectare plantation that has started production.  25 ha of that one have plants of up to 5 years and the other 25 ha where the oldest plants are 3 years old. Both plantations have 50% Quercus Robur and 50% Quercus Ilex. The hazelnuts did not adapt well.

Total Argentina is estimated about 85 ha planted with estimated total crop for this season   35 kilos. Thank you for update to Trufas del Nuevo Mundo, the producer with the largest planted area in the country.



Season 2017 has been very encouraging for farmers, harvested a total of 14,5 kg’s across the 5 producing farms, two of the farms are in second year production.
Production is improving steadily from last year, although growers are suffering from pests damage (slugs and millipedes) to the truffles. Note most farms in the area have mild winters so insect activity is higher.
All the production was sold locally to restaurants, chefs and hotels.  The selling price was 900 Euro/kg.
There are planted over 80 hectares and expecting to plant a further 120 hectares next year.
Thanks to Miros family and Mosbec Truffle Farms for their updates on this country.
Marcos S. Morcillo

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2 Responses to How 2017 black truffle season has gone in the Southern Hemisphere?

  1. I like the comparison of the Australian season with your earlier article on pricing in Teruel.
    “Prices paid at harvester (dirty and all qualities mixed) in the largest black truffle market (Teruel) has been between 400-750€/kg.”

    This is same or better pricing after currency conversion than the “distributors” were offering Australian growers at farm gate.. for Washed, Graded truffle, no wild harvest so only T.melanosporum.
    At least some smaller growers decided to put it back in the ground, or even left it to rot, but not the larger producers apparently.
    Other’s became “price taker’s” or dumped it in other markets. It would appear they believe their truffle isn’t worth as much as the European season, nor understand it can be good to put it back in the ground. They could sell half at a normal price, instead of dumping or selling all at half price,then they could improve the orchard as well at no loss. Also unwilling to send a high pressure distributor away with a promise they will have to pay more when they come back. It makes little difference to the final consumer.
    Unfortunately they will drag everyone else down with them.
    With high production being directly linked to labour input, and Australia not having access to cheap labour, there’s clearly troubled times ahead.

    • Hi Stuart! nice to get news from you, I missed your posts BTW.
      I´m not an expert of truffle marketing and distribution channels, but this year again will be with almost no wild truffle in the woods in Spain, while truffle plantation with irrigation are increasing, and growers (who can water) think will be a good season for them. So probably growers in Spain will be able to sell their truffle at higher prices than the average of the last 50 years or at least like last year prices. Will update you after the season will officially starts. Wont be markets probably until saturday 25th november…

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