Truffle Growing in México

truffle growing in México

I attach a picture of the 1300 Pinus pinea that we planted in Zumpango, México in 2015 and their evolution since planted.
In another pilot plot more to the north we have 1 hectare with 250 stone pines plus another with Pinus cembroides. This other pine also produces edible nuts. In the same plantation we have some Mexican native oaks mycorrhized as well.

The mycorrhizal levels of the samples sent to our lab in Barcelona are very good and we will try this spring to quantify the concentration of mycelium of Borchii with the molecular technique Real Time PCR.
pino micorrizado borchii México
We are considering the possibility to graft these pines with highly productive clones of pine cones, to shorten the waiting time to pine cones production and increase nuts yield.
Another key factor for these plantations to enter into production will be to add special substrates with bianchetto spores to provide the “male factor” that can fertilize the maternal part found in the soil and mycorrhizae, as we do with the spanish wells with the black truffle.
Piñonero Zumpango trufa Méjico
These pilot plantations will be the first to produce truffles and European pine nuts jointly, two non-timber products of high market value.

If you want to know more about the reproduction of this truffle:

Characterization of the reproductive mode and life cycle of the whitish truffle T. borchii

Cheers from California, where my partner Xavier Vilanova and I are visiting several truffle projects. Will keep you posted!

Note the next International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms  IWEMM9 will be this summer in Mexico

 Marcos S. Morcillo

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CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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