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Barcelona Truffle Tour seminars coming soon!

images from the Barcelona truffle Tour We are excited as the first of our truffle farming seminars in Spain for this season are just coming. DATES are 12TH-17TH DECEMBER 2016 AND 6TH-11TH FEBRUARY 2017, but note that february tour is … Continue reading

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Natural vs artificial truffle aromas

Fresh and well crafted truffles has prestige and authenticity, however once preserved, with heat, loses so much. Artificial flavors, however, have become popular and compete with canned truffle, because the aroma is more competitive in price than truffle itself and … Continue reading

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what percentage of truffle aroma comes from bacteria?

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of bacteria living on the surface of truffles and how they affect the final flavor of truffles and possibly play a major role in the formation of certain volatile compounds that could … Continue reading

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Can we get to imitate the flavor of the truffle?

A picture of black truffles last week in Mercabarna (main wholesale market in Barcelona). They are not yet very mature and therefore its flavor is not as intense. The distinctive aroma of truffles is what makes them special. The most … Continue reading

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How to describe the aroma of truffles

Two weeks ago I had the chance to travel to Tuscany for truffles. Athough is the right place for melanosporum and magnatum (great market in San Miniato!) I was most intested now in bianchetto. I bought the newspaper at the … Continue reading

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volatile compounds on truffles

In the last post I commented that the black truffle emits about 50 volatile compounds, those are at least the ones that have been detected in the laboratory. However, the human nose is more sensitive than current detectors on volatile … Continue reading

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where the aroma of truffles comes from?

This week we spoke with a wild truffle harvester from south Spain and he told me how truffle tarders told him how his truffles were especially aromatic. He said the soil where truffles develop mark their scent .In MF & … Continue reading

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