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New data on the hazel and Tuber borchii project in Catalonia

We have just analyzed root samples of in vitro produced Dundee hazel trees that we inoculated two years ago with Tuber borchii. Dundee hazels are an in vitro hybrid between the europen hazel (Corylus avellana) and the turkish one (C. colurna), that is … Continue reading

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We just published a new paper on Tuber borchii growing with stone pine

The last edition of the Montes review (just in spanish edition, sorry for that) has published our latest paper titled: “Viabilidad y rentabilidad de una plantación de pino piñonero (Pinus pinea) micorrizado con trufa bianchetto (Tuber borchii), por M. Morcillo, … Continue reading

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Pilot project to produce in vitro Hazels mycorrhized with Tuber borchii

    Just back from “refreshing” summer holidays 🙂 In a previous research we did in Chile with Tuber borchii, we saw that due to the “aggressiveness” of this truffle variety, it could be other ways to try to produce truffle … Continue reading

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Let me show you our new book on Truffle Farming

We are pleased to announce you the release of the latest book on truffle farming With the latest updates on biology from truffle genome… With potential maps where truffle can be farmed in several countries… With examples of successful truffle growers with their … Continue reading

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First Tuber borchii ever harvested in Australia!

Peter Stahle, the new president of the Australian Truffle Growers Association found by chance, while pulling steel stakes protecting the newer trees when a clod of earth adhered to the stake exposed the truffle. The stone pine is now 3 years old. … Continue reading

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what percentage of truffle aroma comes from bacteria?

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of bacteria living on the surface of truffles and how they affect the final flavor of truffles and possibly play a major role in the formation of certain volatile compounds that could … Continue reading

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Tuber borchii bianchetto growing

At the last International Congress of truffle (www.tuber2013.com) I did a lecture on a research we are doing in Portugal. We studied the diversity of fungi in Tuber borchii orchards and how this diversity can improve the health of the … Continue reading

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