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How we produce our truffle inoculum at micofora?

At Micofora, Barcelona, we produce truffle inoculum weekly during the harvesting season. We select the optimum spores from the best truffles using a compound and a stereo microscopes as well as DNA test. The aim of these analysis is to … Continue reading

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Barcelona Truffle Tour new edition

Just let you know that we are organizing 2 new editions of our truffle growing seminars in Barcelona, Spain. These will be done in mid december and early february during the black truffle season. Note this workshop is thought for … Continue reading

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Pilot project to produce in vitro Hazels mycorrhized with Tuber borchii

    Just back from “refreshing” summer holidays 🙂 In a previous research we did in Chile with Tuber borchii, we saw that due to the “aggressiveness” of this truffle variety, it could be other ways to try to produce truffle … Continue reading

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Can truffles reproduce asexually?

Many fungi have besides a sexual phase, another parallel asexual or anamorphic stage, which are able to produce asexual spores or conidia, that may act as dispersion units. These mitotic conidia (simply dividing by mitosis) have been described for Tuber borchii, T. … Continue reading

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