looking for truffle trees in the United States?

truffle trees DNA certified in the US

Last year we did a technology transfer agreement with Carolina Truffieres, in NC (USA) to produce mycorrhized truffle trees under our standards, to be marketed in the US.

The first thousands trees were produced in 2017 and this march 2018 we´ll travel again to North Carolina to inoculate the second batches of trees. We do think the success of truffle farming in Spain is due to the use of some tree varieties, with slow rate of growth that makes them less sensitive to contaminations with other fungi, and at the same time  create an environment of low canopy where Tuber melanosporum fruits perfectly.

We have been importing from Spain seeds from cold resistant tree species: Quercus ilex spp. rodundifolia (evergreen or holy oak), Quercus faginea (deciduous protuguesse oak), Quercus coccifera (kermes oak, a bush that can be used to increase tree density with our closing canopy). In most areas in Teruel or central Spain this bush produces most of the wild black truffle.

We are happy to have partners like Brian Upchurch with a large experience in tree nursery who can use or adapt our philosophy of truffle farming to the US. The inoculum used in their nursery is selected and produced in our lab in Barcelona, certified with DNA.

They will be offering our services and truffle products to american growers from now on. You can find them at:

269 Drake Farm Road
Fletcher NC 28732



Looking forward to see you soon in the States!


Marcos S. Morcillo




About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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