Barcelona Truffle Tour seminars coming soon!


images from the Barcelona truffle Tour

We are excited as the first of our truffle farming seminars in Spain for this season are just coming.

DATES are 12TH-17TH DECEMBER 2016 AND 6TH-11TH FEBRUARY 2017, but note that february tour is almost sold out and there are just 3 places left for december. So if you still want to join, contact us now.

One of the new features this year is the workshop about aromatic profiles and post harvest treatments that Dr. Pedro Marco Montori will develop. He´s a researcher at Zaragoza University. His PhD was focused on post harvest truffle treatments, so you´ll be able to compare liofilizated vs. heated vs. wax coatings on truffles, analyze how truffles breathe at different temperatures, and learn and understand the complexity of truffle aroma.

If you want to see some of his scientific papers on this topic, check his research gate profile.

And if you want to see what we do in these seminars, just get in

Apologize as it is in spanish, but in this just published chilean review (page 16), you can check about truffle post harvest protocols, mostly extracted from Pedro´s research:

Looking forward to meet you in Barcelona soon 🙂


Marcos S. Morcillo & Xavier Vilanova



About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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2 Responses to Barcelona Truffle Tour seminars coming soon!

  1. dave says:

    hello, i am curious about the next barcelona truffle tour in february ’17. my partner and i are interested in attending. is there space still available? please advise. thanks, dave

    • Dear Dave,
      thanks for your interest to join our truffle farming seminars, but unfortunately the february 2017 group is full and there are already several people on “waiting list”.
      We´ll keep you posted for new seminars next winter. On the meantime anything you need just let us know.
      Happy New Year!

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