new aussie record truffle, why?

huge australian black truffle

I take this post to say congrats to Stuart Dunbar for the huge truffle harvested at his plantation close to Melbourne, more than one kilo and a half of truffle is a lot! I´ve had in my hands one slightly over half a kilo but I can just maybe get the feeling of digging up one like that.

After this news comes to my head the great short film that already started years ago in this blog, maybe Stuart you felt like him 😉
A Bout de Truffe (The Truffle Hunter) part 1 of 2
A Bout de Truffe (The Truffle Hunter) part 2 of 2

I recommend his blog where he explains what happens on his plantation:

When I visited his plantation three years ago the ground was very heavy, heavy clay in some patches, actually a clay percentage that normally advise against because causes compaction, asfixia and rot in truffles.
This plantation as many in Australia, Chile or South Africa started from quite a low pH which was heavily modified with over a hundred tons of lime a hectare.
Rechecking this particular ground we increasingly clear that the black truffle can grow in many soils and to put some limits on certain parameters becomes meaningless. Just Stuart knows what he had done in orchard management, but clay if well managed can produce huge truffles as already seen before in Australia.

I write this post from South Africa where I will be several weeks for work and some vacations as well, so the frequency of posts will be lower than usual.

pinus pinea in South Africa

I put a photo that I’ve done to my family in a centenary stone pine (Pinus pinea). Surprised how well this species has been naturalized in this region of the Western Cape. Is there any truffle hunter who feels like coming with a truffle dog in the area to search for Tuber borchii? there are large stone pine forests over sandy soil, and in several areas, limy.

Marcos Morcillo

About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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4 Responses to new aussie record truffle, why?


    Hi Marcos,
    When will you return to Barcelona? My wife Jane and met you at the Launceston Conference in 2014 and we spent some time speaking during the truffiere visit. We are finalising some travel plans and will be in and around Barcelona on 19th of September until 2nd of October. If possible we would like to catch up with you while we are there.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes
    Richard & Jane Austen

  2. Can you give me more of your perspective on the history and knowledge of Lavender being planted with Truffles? I saw it in your book, but we are thinking about planting some but don’t want to cause any problems with the truffle orchard.

    • Hi Joshua,
      no problem during the first 10 years, depending on layouts. Once brules expand to the middle of the rows, normally lavender is removed.
      Lavender is endomycorrhizal so does not affect truffle mycorrhizae. You just need to manage properly, minimum fertilizers, etc…
      cheers, Marcos

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