Barcelona Truffle Tour 2015-16

A new edition of our Barcelona Truffle Tour

Book now and get 10% discount!


We´ll be running a two morning growers workshop on IRTA research center, 25 minutes from Barcelona city, later in the week moving to Teruel region for two more nights, where there are more than 7.000 hectares of truffle orchards. We will be visiting big successful growers and analyze in situ the key factors to reach high yields (tractors and other machinery used, spanish wells, etc).

We will experience 2 truffle dinners (both with Micheline star), a terrific 10-course tasting menu in Can Jubany, the best chef for truffles in Catalonia! plus a farewell dinner at Hisop downtown Barcelona.

Most nights in spa hotels (like, although we´ll keep you busy, your will be able to enjoy some truistic visits as well.

Chat with traders to analyze truffle marketing and the supply-demand in the near future. We´ll visit the largest truffle trader in Spain who process 15 tons every year!

It includes one hour “private meetings” with each grower to discuss their project plus 3h later of consultancy once back home, see soil tests, management, to solve doubts, etc.

We do recommend leave at least 2-3 days for staying in Barcelona city as you will love it.

Join us in Barcelona!             write an email to

Policies on cancellations for the Barcelona Truffle Tour:

There is 10% discount for any booking made before 31st July.

To book the Tour a payment of 50% is done.

There is no financial penalty for cancellation 60 days before tour. 30 days before the tour there would only be a 50% refund.

50% left would be paid 2 weeks before the tour. From this date there would be no refund. 

We encourage attendants to have a good travel insurance.

About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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6 Responses to Barcelona Truffle Tour 2015-16

  1. This tour was an absolute knockout last year I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was unsure what I was getting into but the hosts are great – made everyone feel at ease and were very generous with their knowledge – the tour was well planned out and the places we went to offered an insiders view of the truffle industry in Spain – a fabulous experience and the best education on truffles on offer

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  4. Lynley says:

    When is your next your?? 2016/2017??

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