New research on in vitro hazels mycorrhized with Tuber borchii


Following the research we are currently doing in Chile with hazels mycorrhized with Tuber borchii, that we published here:

This week in Tarragona, Spain, we just planted 200 hazels that were produced in vitro from the amercian Dundee variety, a hazel that does not produce suckers. Later in nursery these hazels where grafted with a catalan hazel nut variety called “negret”, but one resistant to diseases developed at the IRTA research center, called N-9, that produces 30% higher yields. We mycorrhized these trees with Tuber borchii or bianchetto white truffle.



In these pictures you can still see the initial bag where in vitro hazels where grown and the graft with N9 strain.
We will be quantifying borchii mycelium in this plantation managed as an intensive nut orchard, with fertilizers, and another one as a control.
Hope next year to be able to post you the first results.

In Catalonia 20 years ago we had 40.000 hectares of hazel plantations, but nowadays just 11.000hes are left, although lots of them are in areas where T. melanosporum and T. brumale fruit naturally. In early 90´s, a kilo of hazel nuts was paid in catalonia at 3$,  but last year has been paid up to 14$/kg
Marcos S. Morcillo

About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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2 Responses to New research on in vitro hazels mycorrhized with Tuber borchii

  1. Greetings! We look forward to a positive outcome to the year!
    Can you tell me the tree of what value is it?

  2. Dear Nikolay,
    what do you mean with value? its selling price? We are using this in vitro tree variety for producing mycorrhized hazels with Tuber borchii and T. aestivum in our facilities and these trees are sold at 8€, but we do not commercialize the one grafted with N-9 yet, so most farmers graft these trees with the local hazel variety they want to grow.

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