How we analyze truffles for inoculum?

In Micologia Forestal & Aplicada we analize dozens of kilos of truffle fruitbodies to be used for inoculum and later delivered overseas on so many different countries where we have truffle projects or nurseries where truffle Mycorrhized trees are produced.
We have an agreement with truffle traders, so each week we can analize the level of maturity of several batches of truffles and those bellow quality tresholds are sent back to the provider same evening.
I uploaded here a video of how we checked this week 43 kilos of black truffles in our lab:

After microscope analysis, truffles are sonicated, surface disinfected and mostly freeze-dryed (liofilizated). DNA tests are usually done in order to get into some customs.

From mid january truffles strat to become ripe so we repeat this analysys each week until the end of the season.
We got a warm winter until the last 2 weeks, and just now truffles start to get their lovely aroma, until cold did not come, truffles could be dark gleba but with almost no aroma. Some research should be done in this topic as there are risks related to truffle orchards planted overseas in places where winters are not so cold (average temperature around 8-10 degrees Celsius) compared with our colder spanish winters.
Marcos S. Morcillo

About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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