Tuber magnatum also found in Greece!


Last year after a visit to some truffle plantations in Greece we discussed the great potential of this country for truffles growing. We knew that several species of truffles occur naturally, including Tuber aestivum, T. uncinatum, T. brumale, T. melanosporum and T. borchii, but we did not know that the white ‘Italian’ truffle T. magnatum, aslo fruits naturally over there. Although not surprising, since in several surrounding countries magnatum is already harvested.

For now, few fruitbodies have been found along a creek on calcareous alluvial soils and under hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis). I think there are just a couple of species of hornbeam in Europe, a tree (from the birch family) that we are not used in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) because there are only a few trees in the Basque Pyrenees.

Anyone interested to read the paper, here a link to Christopoulos et al. Vol. 48 (1): 27–32 2013 Acta Mycologica. DOI: 10.5586/am.2013.004

All the best,
Marcos S. Morcillo

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3 Responses to Tuber magnatum also found in Greece!

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  2. magnatum grower says:

    What role does the altitude of the terrain play?
    would it be possible for tuber magnatum to grow at altitudes above 900 m?

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