Two italian books on truffles

I want to comment a couple of books on truffle I bought on my last visit to Italy. In this case I do not think they are essential works, but curious:

Come addestrare il cane da tartufo, Enrico Gallina, ed. Nuova S1. ISBN 9788889262535. € 12

It describes the best breeds to hunt truffles. How to train them from toddlers, how to care for the dogs and even how to wear them in the car 🙂
Then a second chapter of how to behave once you are in the truffiere.
And finally does a compilation of regulations and laws for hunting truffles in Italy, national and regional level.


Il buon tartufo, Fiordelli Aldo, Ed Polistampa. ISBN 88-8304-813-X. € 10

This second book, written by a journalist and sommelier, is far away from a mycology technical treatise, but rather a book full of interesting facts about this truffle world. Take a stroll through the Italian truffle, explaining their markets and some secrets. Sign in detail in truffle conservation techniques and of course, how to fuse food and wine with truffles at the table.


All the best,
Marcos S. Morcillo

About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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