Truffle farming in Greece and Turkey

Tuber melanosporum plantation in north Peloponesos

Just landed from Greece and Turkey where we have been in a truffle tour this summer!

When talking on truffles most of us we think on Spain, Italy and France, but most of the east european countries produce truflles naturally. In the south-eastern countries, Greece and Turkey, fruit naturally Tuber aestivum and Tuber borchii, while further north, in Hungary, Romania, etc melanosporum, uncinatum, macrosporum are harvested and now farmed with a huge potential.

We had the oportunity to visit potential areas from southern Crete up to the north of Peloponesos and Mount Olympus, where we already have some truffle orchards.

Those plantations are mainly done using the holm oak (Quercus ilex), but also the bush Quercus coccifera, that in Greece can grow as a tree (see image below).

black truffle farming in Greece

Due to the financial global crisis, new projects on rural farming grow fast in Greece and the black truffle farming has a huge demand. The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) should not be fogotten as the environment is optimum for this variety, and prices can reach up to 120Euros/kg, more than double the ones in Spain.

For those of you interested on growing truffles in these countries, do not hesitate to contact us…

All the best!

Marcos S. Morcillo


About trufflefarming

CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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10 Responses to Truffle farming in Greece and Turkey

  1. marina says:

    Great website. Have an interest in trying growing truffles but need to work out if the trees already exist on the land I have. Marina

  2. Helen christopher says:

    Is north western greece suitable for growing truffles

  3. yanis kostopoulos says:

    Which areas in particular do you have in mind?There are certainly alkaline soils in the area around Ioannina and certain parts of the ionian cost of western greece as well; although the latter are not wide and easily spotted, as that coastal area has a lot of compacted geological formations only some of which are of an alcalic nature.You need to research those areas on the spot.The microclimate is certainly conducive, since that area has enough rainfall throughout the year to compensate for more dry weather patterns in the future because of climate change.

    • Kalimera Yanis,
      It looks like you know pretty well the geology of the area. Maybe you can help me to find a geological of your country map on the net?
      I was in Ioannina, on the way to the Zagorohoria area, that it looks to me an optimum place for growing truffles. It completely matches with the ecology of the black truffle!
      Efharisto poli for your comment.

      • yanis kostopoulos says:

        Hello Marcos,
        Kudos for your blog, it’s a great source of information for the current goings on in the truffle business.I wish i could help you with providing a site on the net with geological maps of Greece.The ones available have such general information about the geology of the country, as to be practically useless in locating particular spots suitable for trufflefarming (and especially melanosporum farms).I have managed to aquire more detailed maps from offline sources.If you want, you can tell me areas that seem of interest to you and i can email you the geological maps of those areas; on condition that those maps are not published online.

  4. No worries. Thanks anyway. We will be in touch.

  5. JKattica says:

    Could you let me know where in Greece (Athens/Crete or Santorini) I could get truffle products (oil/butter) or fresh truffles? I will be traveling to these three places and would like to pick some up for a friend

    • Now is summer truffle season so look for tuber aestivum all over mainland in Greece. I’m sure Crete should have some summer truffles although I don’t know anyone harvesting them. santorini is a volcanic island and thus without limy soils, so truffles can not grow there.
      On the internet there are several greek places that sell truffles and truffle related products…

      • JKattica says:

        Thanks, Marcos. Could you please provide the links to the places that sell truffles and related products? I am able to find only one that is available in English.

  6. raf says:

    Im very intrested in farming it
    And i already have found white truffles in my farms …im stugelling to find buyers too

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