Truffle Fairs and Festivals

Spain is one of the bigger black truffle producers, but we do not have a truffle culture as italians and french do. I mean my grandmother never cooked a truffle dish even I’ve grown up in a small village where truffles grow naturaly. That’s why Spain exports most of its truffle production. But this has been changed form the last five years:
truffle is on TV all the time, chefs and media are using more and more truffles and a new truffle culture is spreeding all over our country.
Truffle Fairs and festivals are all around in the naturals producing areas. Most of these festivals were created as a rural development project, to seek for visitors to those areas where truffle fruits, that often are far away form the big cities and economicaly depressed.
As an example this month a couple of big truffle fairs happened, in Navarra the 10th edition of the Feria de la trufa de la Valdorba. And in Sarrión, Teruel, FITRUF, the biggest truffle fair in Spain, with up to 20.000 visitors in the 2010 edition!
Also some truffle Museums have been created, Museo de la Trufa de Metauten, in Navarra, has been visited by 7.000 people this year.
ADs related with truffles are even in the screen of some flights in Iberia. All this is getting an added value to our local truffles, pushing towards a local marketing, that a few years later was zero.
Our Festivals anyway are quite different from the ones in Australia or USA, by the way the organizers of the Oregon Truffle Festival invited me as a keynote speaker for the next edition that will be held in Eugene, Oregon, USA, from 27th-29th January 2012.
See you maybe in Oregon…
Merry Christmass and Happy New Year,
Marcos Morcillo



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CEO of Micofora. Truffles and edible wild mushroom science and farming. Researcher, truffle farmer & mycologist
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  1. There’s now a truffle festival in California: the 2nd annual Napa Truffle Festival, January 13-16, 2012 “world class cuisine meetings cutting edge truffle science” – featuring a unique gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts and scientists, special guests from the food and wine world, and international Michelin Star Chefs – with keynote by distinguished travel/food writer, Barbara Fairchild.
    The Festival showcases the venerated Périgord black truffle, which will be discussed, prepared, and finally feasted upon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    Weekend programs include culinary classes, lunch at local wineries, truffle cultivation programs, orchard tours, a lively Festival Marketplace, and a grand Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque—each course prepared by a Michelin Star Chef. Truffle dogs will also be on hand to sniff things out–hunting, training and petting allowed. Read more at

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